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Do you need guidance on choosing the best school for your child?  Is your child having difficulty in school, and you’re not sure where to turn?  Does your school need an education professional with a proven record of success in developing curriculum and enhancing student achievement?  If you’re seeking answers to these questions, you’ve found an expert.

Dynamic. Innovative. Multifaceted. Diverse. Our company is backed by over twenty years of the experience in the education field, both in the classroom and the administrative office, and experience in playing a key role in the placement of 300 students in the best schools in Los Angeles. Academic Savvy serves clients in three different constituencies: parents of school-aged children in grades K-12; children in grades K-12; and schools serving children in grades K-12. We provide the following services:

  • Teacher and Administrator Coaching
  • Curriculum and professional development consulting and workshops for schools
  • Tutoring for students in grades 3-8
  • K-12 admissions consulting for families
  • General consulting and educational planning
  • Parent education and consulting
  • Math and Reading skills assessment

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Teacher Coaching

Teacher Coaching

Our signature professional development program helps education professionals provide more engaging instruction, integrate higher-level thinking skills into daily lessons and align curriculum more closely with 21st Century Learning Skills.

Admissions Consulting

Admissions Consulting

We provide expert advice to help guide families through the K-12th grade admissions process and plan educational pathways to success for their child.

Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Our workshops and conferences impart valuable information to parents on how best to support academic and social success for their children, as well as encourage collaboration between home and school.


  • To this day, when I get together with my close friends from elementary school, we think of Ms. Arrington and thank her for fueling our fire to shake the world. Because of her, I am not afraid to laugh out loud and to sing my true self.

    Haley F. – Former Fifth Grade Student & Colgate University Graduate
  • My daughter has grown in leaps and bounds under your direction. Not only has she grown academically, she has evolved into a beautiful human, both spiritually and emotionally.

    Dr. Kelli Beard – Mother of Sekai, Sixth Grade
  • Thank you so much for modeling a lesson for me yesterday. I learned so much from you in such a short time and it was amazing to see how a lesson I had done earlier in the day was made one thousand times better by your instruction and format of the lesson!

    Rachel Tobin – First Year Science Teacher & Coaching Client

A 90-year Legacy in Education

Aurelia Harris Cole

Aurelia Harris Cole

Great-grandmother & Educator

    Angelina's great-grandmother earned her teaching certificate from Philander Smith College in 1926. Her passion for teaching has inspired three generations.

    Angelina Arrington, M.A.Ed

    Angelina Arrington, M.A.Ed

    Educational Consultant, Administrator, Teacher

    Angelina Arrington is a 23-year veteran teacher and administrator in public and independent schools. She is a fourth generation educator who is continuing a 90 year legacy in the field.

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